How Long Does An Employer Have To Provide Health Insurance After Termination?

As if getting terminated from your job is not devastating enough, you still have to face the burden of losing your health insurance. It is imperative to understand your health insurance rights, and this starts with knowing the duration an employer has to provide health insurance after termination.

Currently, we do not have a law that sets a timeframe for employers to follow. It is possible to lose your coverage on the day you get laid off. Some employers will terminate your insurance at the end of the first or second month.

If you are an employee of a private company, there’s a law that allows you to temporarily maintain your current insurance through the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). You, spouse, and dependents can use the COBRA coverage for 18 to 36 months.

However, there are other requirements you must meet to receive COBRA coverage.

How Long Does An Employer Have To Provide Health Insurance After Termination Michael Dunbar Insurance

Qualifying Criteria for COBRA coverage

· An employer must have 20 or more full-time workers unless a state has min-COBRA laws that apply to companies with less than 20 employees
· Termination must not be due to gross misconduct committed by an employee
· An employer must notify the health insurance provider within 30 days after job termination
· The plan administrator must respond within 14 days by mailing an employee a notice with information on how to elect COBRA
· A worker should select COBRA coverage within 60 days after receiving an election notice
· A worker should make payment within 45 days after electing the COBRA coverage.

COBRA Coverage Cost

With COBRA coverage, you have to take care of all the costs related to the health plan. Precisely, this includes 100% of the premium costs plus up to 2% administrative charges. Before termination, an employer often pays about 80% of your premiums. It means your health insurance cost will rise from 20% to 102% after getting laid off.

While COBRA enables you to keep your health coverage, the plan could prove to be very expensive.

Alternative Health Insurance Options After Getting Laid Off

If you find maintaining COBRA coverage too expensive, you’ll want to explore the following health insurance options:

1. Short-term health plan

Short-term plans can cover some of your family’s health care costs for up to 3 years. The level of coverage varies, but these plans usually don’t cover the following benefits:

· Maternity and newborn care

· Mental health

· Substance abuse

· Outpatient prescription drugs

Please note that not all states offer temporary plans. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, the short-term health plan providers might reject you or charge you high premiums.

2. Individual health insurance

Unlike short-term plans, individual health plans offer more comprehensive health benefits because they comply with the ACA requirements. You can access these plans through the Marketplace or outside the exchanges.

If your income ranges between 100% and 400% of the federal poverty levels (FPL), you will receive federal subsidies and tax credits. Well, this will help reduce the cost of your health individual insurance plan.

3. Medicaid

With Medicaid, low-income earners can enjoy comprehensive health care benefits at a low cost. If you’re a resident of a state with expanded Medicaid coverage and your income is below 138% FPL, you may qualify for Medicaid.

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