International Travel Insurance

Does your current health insurance plan not cover international travel? At Michael Dunbar Insurance, we can help you find the plan that will work for you. 

International Travel Insurance Plans

Did you know most health insurance and Medicare advantage  plans do not include international coverage (or have very limited benefits)?

The good news is that we have affordable plans we can customize to best fit your trip. Plus, we can design these policies with deductibles as low as $0 (or as high as $5000) for the exact number of days you need protection. For specific quotes/options, please contact us today at 985-607-4949 or contact us online

International Travel Insurance in New Orleans LA Michael Dunbar Insurance

Without a doubt, insurance can get confusing. At Michael Dunbar Insurance we understand the intricacies of international travel insurance and can work with you to identify the plan that best fits your needs. 

Michael Dunbar Insurance is a trusted insurance company in New Orleans. If you need international travel insurance or additional insurance in New Orleans or any of the other locations we serve, please give us a call at 985-607-4949 or contact us online for a free quote today. 

International Travel Insurance

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