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Turning 65 Within 3 Months?

Special Enrollment Periods May Be Available Year Round

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Senior citizens 65+ and those who have been disabled for two years or more will likely be eligible for Original Medicare parts A and B. Subsequently, there are three types of plans that can help fill the coverage gaps of Medicare:

  • Medicare Supplement
  • "Part D" Prescription Drug Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans

The annual enrollment period for Medicare coverage spans October 15th through December 7th. Special enrollment opportunities may be available year round, call to verify eligibility!

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Waiting for Medicare Eligibility? The "Bridge Plan" can help!

The Bridge Plan is a major medical expense insurance plan intended for persons aged 60-95 who are awaiting acceptance as a participant in the Medicare System. Foreign Nationals are usually eligible to purchase Medicare Parts A & B five years after becoming U.S. Residents. While awaiting enrollment in Medicare, they may apply for coverage through The Bridge Plan

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