Short Term Health Insurance in Louisiana

Health insurance in Louisiana is not cheap for the common folk. That’s why many may get tempted to skip out on health coverage.

Unfortunately, medical emergencies can knock when you least expect it. And without any form of health coverage, financial distress might cripple you.

Louisiana’s short term health insurance typically covers you up to 12 months. Those who need coverage for more than 12 months may reapply for an extension of up to 36 months.

For your peace of mind, you will want to consider having a plan that fits your needs. If you need temporary coverage, you can opt for short term health insurance.

Short Term Health Insurance in Louisiana

Who exactly needs short term health insurance?

A short term health plan may be just the right solution when you are:

What does short term health insurance cover in Louisiana?

Coverage varies greatly depending on the health insurance plan you sign up for and the type of insurer you choose.

Short term plans do not follow guidelines under the Affordable Care Act. Generally, though, expect the insurers to offer some level of coverage for regular doctor visits, emergency care, hospital stay, surgeries, and prescriptions.

Short term health insurance Louisiana typically does not provide coverage for:

According to, insurers cannot refuse to provide coverage if you have already been diagnosed with health problems like diabetes and asthma. However, short-term health insurance providers may choose to reject you. If they accept you, then you will probably have to pay high premiums.

Louisiana puts a restriction on insurers, saying that look-back periods for pre-existing medical problems cannot exceed one year. Nevertheless, there is an exception to this when a short term plan lasts six months or less.

Please keep in mind that the insurance companies can prevent you from renewing your health plan if you develop the health conditions while you are already covered.

Applying for short term health insurance Louisiana

Short term health plans are easy to apply once you have the right insurance carrier. This type of insurance is available through private insurance companies, not the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Since several factors go into consideration when buying a health plan, making a perfect choice can be a daunting task, especially if it is your first time making a purchase. Your best bet is finding a licensed and experienced insurance agent to walk you through the process so you can find a great plan that saves you money.

Need an experienced Louisiana insurance agent?

Get in touch with Michael Dunbar, a trusted professional insurance agent that makes a difference in price, service, and value when it comes to short term insurance in Louisiana.

Michael Dunbar Insurance has over 20 years of experience in the field, and you can expect to work with a trusted insurance company in New Orleans. Call (985) 607-4949 today to schedule a free consultation. Or, fill out the online quote form to speak to one of the representatives of Michael Dunbar Insurance.

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