Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental life insurance is used as additional coverage on your basic policy and it takes over when your basic life insurance runs out.

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Supplemental Insurance Plans

Supplemental Insurance for When You Need It

A critical illness is a serious medical condition that can strike suddenly and disrupt your life physically and financially.

Chances are someone close to you has had a critical illness diagnosis such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s, or end-stage renal failure. We have affordable supplemental insurance plans that pay up to $100,000 upon a qualifying diagnosis.

These plans pay you!

You can use this money to offset medical expenses; pay household expenses; to provide the financial freedom to take extended time off work; and/or to subsidize alternative, experimental, or holistic treatments that may not be covered by a traditional health insurance plan.

Please call a trusted insurance company in New Orleans,  Michael Dunbar Insurance today at 985-607-4949 to review your options for these surprisingly affordable plans.  

They Can:

  • Provide cash to help pay off your deductible/premiums/expenses
  • Provide you income replacement
  • Offer you lump sum payments upon diagnosis of a critical illness:
  • Help cover the cost of alternative care and holistic medicine
  • help pay off your daily expenses
  • Provide you the financial flexibility to take additional time off work

Plans Available Include:

  • Cancer
  • Critical Illness
  • Accidents
  • Hospitalizations
  • Disability Income Replacement

If you need supplemental insurance or additional insurance in New Orleans or any of the other locations we serve, please give us a call at 985-607-4949 or contact us online for a free quote today. 

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